A Guide to Investing in Distressed Commercial Property for Sale

Smart property investors always seek effective techniques to strengthen and increase their investment portfolios. At the same time, there are several result-oriented traditional ways to achieve growth in real estate. But investing in Distressed Commercial Property for Sale is something which offers instant equity. If you are familiar with this term being part of the real estate market, it is a sign to learn about it now. 

Any property which is going into foreclosure or already under the control of a bank or a lender is known as distressed property. The benefit of buying distressed properties is that they can be easily available at low prices compared to their actual cost. 

Different Types of Distressed Commercial Property for Sale

There are numerous reasons behind a property going into the distress category. There can be financial issues, natural calamity or any other mishaps. Being an investor, it is important to know different categories for Buy Distressed Properties. It will help you in searching and understanding the property type more effectively. There are four main categories of Distressed Buildings for Sale to consider.

  • Abandoned and vacant homes
  • REO properties 
  • Pre-foreclosure and foreclosure properties 
  • Short Sale Properties 

Abandoned Properties

As the name says, abandoned properties are those that their property owners vacate. The best way to identify or find abandoned properties is to drive around your surroundings or targeted area. You can easily find properties with signs of abandonment, such as overgrown weeds and broken doors and windows. 

When you find an adequate abandoned property, you can connect with the title company for further proceedings. There are high chances that you can crack a profitable deal if you have good negotiation skills. 

REO Properties

Another type of Distressed Commercial Property for Sale. The banks repossess these properties due to financial issues. These properties are mostly sold out through auctions first; if any property is left, the agents sell it. These properties are also known as bank-owned properties. 

Pre-foreclosure and foreclosure properties

The pre-foreclosure phase involves a property being repossessed by the bank after three months of default. If the owner fails to remedy the delinquency, they receive a Notice of Sale (NOS), marking the beginning of the foreclosure process. Investors often negotiate with homeowners for Distressed Commercial Property for Sale during this phase.

Short Sale Properties

The short sale process is a deal between the homeowner and lending institution to sell out the property at the asking price due to the financial hardship of the property owner. It is a profitable investment opportunity if you get the right deal. It also helps the property owner to settle down the losses. 

Examine Essential Property Documents Before Investing In Distressed Commercial Property for Sale 

If you are investing in Distressed Commercial Property for Sale, you must check the documents before making the purchase. Although Buy Distressed Properties are a lucrative investment opportunity, they also possess considerable risks. Thus, it becomes vital to verify all the documents that determine the property’s direct ownership. 

Before investing in any property, always keep one thing in mind that a safe investment has no legal adversities or monetary disputes. Whether you connect with a property owner or any reputed bank for purchasing the property, verify all the documents before proceeding to the final step. 

Let’s take a look at the following points for document verification.

Title of the Distressed Commercial Property for Sale

When a bank sells out any distressed property, they verify and clear the property title from their end. The rush and increased demand for buying distressed property can cause this issue. 

This mostly happens in under-construction properties because there is a high probability of overstepping the approved plan from the developer’s end. When dealing with an independent seller, there are more chances of getting trapped, so check the documents carefully.

Sale Deed for the Transfer of Ownership

It is a legal document used as evidence for transferring property ownership from a seller to a buyer. So, while making a purchase with the owner, you must attain an authorized and original distressed property sale deed. 

In addition, you must get the bank receipt as evidence that the entire sale amount of the property has been transferred to the bank account of the property holder. 

Possession Period

If you are investing in any under-construction property, connect with the builder first. Verify the date of delivery of the property, including the penalties it has. It will help you in further proceedings if the builder denies or fails to deliver the project on time. 

Lease Contracts

If you plan to invest in a pre-leased asset, check the lease contracts and their expiry date. The lease contract assessment will help you evaluate their future financial projections.

Development Approvals

There are several other aspects to verify that contribute to the enhancement of your Distressed Commercial Property for Sale. Connect with the development authorities to know about the structural developments, encroachment, and other required approvals. Check with the municipal authority for necessary sanctions like power and water supply.

Recovery Certificate by the bank

If you are acquiring any Distressed Commercial Property for Sale from the bank, you must check the recovery certificate issued by the Debt Recovery Tribunal, which comes under the Department of Financial Services. The Recovery Certificate helps financial institutions and banks authorize repossessed property auctions. 

There are several enterprises that are experts in conducting auctions of repossessed properties along with the assistance of banks. Make sure these firms are affiliated with a reputed and known public financial institution to verify the credentials of such firms. 


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