Uncover Hidden Gems: A Guide to Find Distressed Buildings for Sale

A distressed property is one that is sold by the homeowner in urgency under financial pressure. The homeowners often list these properties at a lower price than the average market rate to attract buyers quickly. This stressed selling of homeowners offers great Distressed Buildings for Sale deals to real estate investors.

Knowing how to find distressed properties in your area is essential to crack the best deals. There are different ways to access the properties. Let’s explore more about them – 

Different Types of Distressed Buildings for Sale

Foreclosure Auction – It is one of the most common categories of distressed properties. When a homeowner fails to make the mortgage payments successfully, the lender can take legal action against them to recover the unpaid debt. The property is sold out at an auction at a public location. If you are planning to invest in Distressed Buildings for Sale, conduct market research and inspect the property.

Pre-Foreclosures – Pre-foreclosure is the commencement stage of the foreclosure process. It is the stage when a homeowner defaults on their mortgage, but the lender does not foreclose it. In this situation, the homeowner still owned the property but had a specific limit to deal with the financial crisis.

If the homeowner fails to deal with the financial crisis within the time frame, the lender will ultimately lead the property to foreclosure. However, some homeowners sell out their property during the foreclosure at much lower prices to avoid sending the property for foreclosure.

Simply put, when a homeowner knows he/she can’t overpay the mortgage payments, list the property for sale to recover some of the investment before proceeding with foreclosure.

Bank Owned REOs – Bank-owned real estate properties are the homes already listed under the auction process but haven’t received any bids, or the lender did not get the reserved price. Thus, it leads the property ownership to the bank or lender.

The banks are not involved in the sale and purchase of homes. Thus, they list these Distressed Buildings for Sale through real estate agents. REOs are a lucrative option for buyers because the bank may provide home inspection and finance the mortgage to sell the property quickly.

In this case, the bank sells the property as it is and doesn’t repair the damage before selling. Thus, consider the risk of hidden issues or damages before making the deal.

Government Owned REOs – The government- owned REOs are those properties that have gone into foreclosure and been bought by the government agency. The government agency takes over the home property once the homeowner fails to pay the loan amount. The agencies take it to sell it out to recover the unpaid loan amount.

These properties possess an excellent opportunity for potential buyers to invest in affordable housing options. The best thing about government-owned Distressed Buildings for Sale is that they are sold at low prices compared to the market rate. It is done to promote homeownership and strengthen neighbourhoods. 

The potential buyers can also take advantage of the loan programs such as FHA or VA loans to get finances for the home purchase. Like bank-owned real estate properties, these properties are sold out as they are. Moreover, the process requires a thorough understanding of the guidelines and regulations.

Tax Liens – The tax lien arises when the seller fails to pay their property taxes. The local government put a lien on the house and holds the right to sell the property to recover the unpaid tax amount.

The tax lien sale process organizes an auction program where investors can buy the lien by paying the owed taxes. The original property homeowner still has a chance to retain the ownership of the property by repaying the tax debt, including interest, within a certain time period.

Tax Sales – In tax sales, the Distressed Buildings for Sale are sold out to the highest bidder at the auction program to recover the unpaid taxes. This allows the government to recover the pending taxes while offering investors an opportunity to acquire property below market value. 

The potential buyers should take the tax sales opportunity with caution. The property is sold as it is without any prior inspection. Thus, investors need to understand the protocols of the local laws surrounding tax sales before venturing into these investments to eliminate the potential risk.

Abandoned Property – The abandoned properties include homes or buildings that their owners have vacated due to financial issues or natural disasters. Whatever the reason, abandoned Distressed Property for Sale offers an attractive opportunity for potential buyers who want to revive them to gain good profits. These properties might have risks and require careful consideration before investing in them.

Bankrupt Property – When a person goes bankrupt, his valuable assets, including their property, are sold to repay the creditors. This can lead the properties to sell out at half the market value. Before investing in a bankrupt property, consider these factors carefully for a profitable deal.

  • Complete inspection of the property
  • Assessment of the market trends
  • One-on-one consultation with real estate professionals to familiarize oneself with the background of bankrupt properties.

Perks of Investing in Distressed Buildings for Sale

Undoubtedly, investing in Distressed Buildings for Sale is a highly profitable opportunity for investors and buyers. Let’s take a look at its other beneficial aspects as well –

  • Low Competition – As compared to conventional real estate investments, there is usually low competition to Buy Distressed Properties. This is because there are certain risks and complexities involved in this process.
  • Assurance of High Returns – The distressed properties are mostly sold out at a lower price than the market value. Thus, it leads the investor to significant profit while reselling the property.
  • Distinct Options – There are numerous types of Distressed Buildings for Sale, including tax sales to abandoned properties, providing investors with a wide range of opportunities to sell and generate good profits.


There is no doubt that distressed properties provide significant opportunities for savvy investors to seek high returns on their investments. Damaged Property AI provides an AI-powered platform to get access to the listing of Distressed Buildings for Sale. From exclusive off-market deals to gaining real-time insights and receiving expert support, we are helping investors and buyers with reliable decision-making. If you want to expand your portfolio faster, do it now with us.

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